Ok, the above is quite a claim to make, you may be thinking. BUT I have been plagued with the dreaded chipping of nail polish all my life, I don’t know if it’s me, my nails, the polishes, or just that I am generally a bit clumsy.

This Dior Venis polish in ‘Rose Flamboyant’ or ‘Blazing Pink’ is somewhere neatly between a red and pink, and it is pretty ‘flamboyant’. I’m a sucker for red nails, I always return to a bright red as I feel like it goes with all seasons and is fun but also classy.


Shiny red nails!

This photo is after 4 days of wearing this colour, and I usually do not make it past 2 without that flaking, peeling mess happening. I am so impressed with Dior, and whilst I know this isn’t cheap, I would happily buy just a few expensive shades if they work as well as this one.

I used the OPI topcoat over the Dior and whilst this is a good topcoat, it hasn’t worked wonders for any of my drugstore nail polishes. My mum has also been wearing the Dior without a topcoat on her toenails and it has also been pretty resilient there.

Overall, a total LOVE product, the colour, finish, durability.

J’Adore Dior!