Ok, the above is quite a claim to make, you may be thinking. BUT I have been plagued with the dreaded chipping of nail polish all my life, I don’t know if it’s me, my nails, the polishes, or just that I am generally a bit clumsy.

This Dior Venis polish in ‘Rose Flamboyant’ or ‘Blazing Pink’ is somewhere neatly between a red and pink, and it is pretty ‘flamboyant’. I’m a sucker for red nails, I always return to a bright red as I feel like it goes with all seasons and is fun but also classy.


Shiny red nails!

This photo is after 4 days of wearing this colour, and I usually do not make it past 2 without that flaking, peeling mess happening. I am so impressed with Dior, and whilst I know this isn’t cheap, I would happily buy just a few expensive shades if they work as well as this one.

I used the OPI topcoat over the Dior and whilst this is a good topcoat, it hasn’t worked wonders for any of my drugstore nail polishes. My mum has also been wearing the Dior without a topcoat on her toenails and it has also been pretty resilient there.

Overall, a total LOVE product, the colour, finish, durability.

J’Adore Dior!


Possibly the most beautiful makeup product I own… The packaging, the product, it’s just EXQUISITE. I’ve pretty much lusted over Guerlain Météorites for years, but could never justify spending that much money on what is essentially sparkly powder. My Mum bought this for me as a present from her holiday (she didn’t find anything actually on the holiday so she got me this from Duty Free at the Airport!) and if I had bought it myself, I maybe would have gone for the darker colours, but I have 002 Beige and it does show on my skin, it’s just that it’s summer so I’m only going to get more tanned in the coming months (hopefully).


Look at the beautiful lid!

The glitter particles are absolutely miniscule and it truly does have an illuminating effect on the face but it’s a product more suited for the evening/night rather than every day wear. I tend to use it just on areas I want to highlight – brow bone, centre of nose, tops of cheekbones and cupids bow but I would use it all over the face to get a really radiant effect as well.


The perles inside!

Overall, I love this product but I would be interested to try out other highlighter/illuminating powders to see how it compares, does anyone know of a cheaper dupe?


Dior Addict Lip Balm Voluptuous Care in ‘002’

This is by far one of the most luxurious lip balms I’ve ever owned and I love the packaging. I prefer tubes of lip balm anyway as I’m not a fan of dipping my fingers into a pot – I just think it’s pretty unhygienic if you’re out and about and need some moisture on your lips to use your dirty fingers to apply it. The red tint in this is pretty subtle, even though it looks bright in the tube. It’s really moisturising and non-sticky and lasts for absolutely ages! It does smell/taste of Dior Addict which at first when you put it on is a little strong but it wears off. Overall, I think this is a great product for summer as you can wear it alone or use as a treatment under other lip products or overnight, it’s luxurious and hydrating and definitiely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new lipbalm.

If you live in the UK you will know what I mean when I say June was a pretty dire month… the weather has been exceptionally bad, resulting in more time spent inside than is desirable! Anyway, with boredom levels pretty high, painting my nails has become a pretty frequent hobby, and these are some polishes I’ve been loving recently!


Chanel Le Vernis Nail Varnish in ‘597 Island’

Except from the beautiful packaging (of course…it’s Chanel) it’s a really good consistency. The brush is really smooth and this is the outcome of 2 coats + a topcoat, I like the semi-opaque look and being able to see my natural nails underneath but another layer would probably make it completely opaque if that’s the look you’re after!


Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in ‘Trafalgar Square’

I bought this nail polish as a reward for myself after the dreaded summer exams were over! I’ve never used a magnetic polish before so I can’t comment on how good/easy it is compared to others but I love the wave effect that it gives and after a couple of attempts it became really easy to use although you do seem to have to layer it pretty thick for it to work.


American Apparel Neon Nail Laquer in ‘Neon Yellow’

I think it quite a marmite kind of colour – either you love it or hate it! I bought this around the same time as my exams and I think the highlighters I was using during my revision got to me a little bit and thus I ended up getting a nail polish the exact colour as the neon yellow highlighter pens! I think it’s a really great, fun colour that adds something different to a plainer outfit. I like the neon trend, but as little flashes of colour, I’m not bold enough to wear larger expanses of neon! This takes about 3 coats to get fully opaque and is actually pretty matte if you don’t use a topcoat over it. It did seem to chip pretty quickly though but as I’ve never used any other American Apparel nail polish I can’t say this about all of them.

So there are three very different nail polishes I’ve been sporting recently, which is your favourite?

I’ve been a Liz Earle convert for almost a year now, I’d read loads of reviews and seen it featured in lots of beauty magazines and blogs and decided to give it a go. I have normal-oily skin that’s prone to breakouts. I used to have really bad acne from age 12-16 so I have a few acne scars and still get the occasional large spot. Before Liz Earle cleanse and polish I didn’t have a set routine in regards to skincare, I either used face wipes or St. Ives products or Simple cleansers, my skin was more prone to breakouts and was rough and oily within an hour of washing my face. I also tried the Clinique skincare trio which made my skin dry, flaky and irritated, not good! Liz Earle cleanse and polish is my SAVIOUR. It removes all traces of makeup, leaves skin feeling clean (without being tight or dry and is for day and night. You use a pump of the product and using the tips of your fingertips rub the product into your skin and eyes (it doesn’t burn or hurt at all!) to remove makeup, you then get your muslin cloth wet with hot water and remove the product (and makeup) from your face. When all of it is removed, you splash your face with cold water to close up pores. If I’m wearing a lot of makeup I may repeat this to make sure all the makeup is gone from my skin before I go to bed. Then pat your face dry and it should be soft, clean and feel amazing!